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Welcome[suntiang sumber]

Salamaik datang Merlissimo di Wikipedia baso Minang!
  • Pangguno baru dapek meliek laman Panganta Wikipedia labiah daulu.
  • Angku dapek mamperkenalkan diri pado Wikipediawan lainnyo di Laman perkenalan
  • Untuak mencuba-cuba manyuntiang, silakan gunokan bak pasia.
  • Baco juo aturan nan disadaranokan sabalum malanjuikkan. Iko adolah hal-hal nan mandasa nan paralu dikatahui jo sado panyuntiang Wikipedia.
  • Bantuan:Isi - tampek mancari informasi tantang caro bakontribusi di Wikipedia, sabalum batanyo pado pangguno lain.
  • FAQ - patanyoan nan acok diajukan tantang Wikipedia.
  • Portal:Komunitas - informasi aktivitas di Wikipedia.
Membuat kesalahan?
Mambuek kasalahan?
  • Jan takuik! Angku indak paralu takuik salah do, saaek manyuntiang ataupun mambuek laman baru, manambakan ataupun manghapuih kalimat.

    Pangurih sarato pangguno lainnyo nan mamantau parubahan tabaru akan capek manamuan kasalahan Angku dan mangambalikannyo ka bantuak samulo.

Welcome! If you are not an Indonesian speaker, you may want to visit the Indonesian Wikipedia embassy or a slight info to find users speaking your language. Enjoy!
Salamaik manjalajah, kami manunggu suntiangan Angku di Wikipedia baso Minang!
 ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   15.42, 7 Pebruari 2013 (WIB) 7 Pebruari 2013 15.42 (WIT)
How can this welcome template help anybody if all links are red which should contain additional information? Merlissimo (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 16.54 (WIT)
Currently we are trying to develop all of those policies and guidelines. You can participate, too. This is wiki. :D SpartacksCompatriot (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 17.03 (WIT)
Hahaha ... calm down boss, it's a wiki with a 2 day old. Give a time to breathe.  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   9 Pebruari 2013 17.11 (WIT)
You could wait some days with spamming the welcome template or reduce the number of linked sites. I don't think that you will ever have fifteen different pages (as linked above) containing all needed information on this small wiki. You need one admin request page, one gernal talk page (that could be split later) maybe one announce page and 3-4 main policy/guideline pages. That's my experience from other new wikis. It does not make sence to have too many different discussion pages if the community is small. Merlissimo (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 19.37 (WIT)

Bot request[suntiang sumber]

Could you fill the pages without iw links with those links. It should not be so hard as most of the articles has the same title as in german or any other big language. I think they have also the same title as in id.wikipedia. Carsrac (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 15.18 (WIT)

My bot checking new articles every day (like on every other wiki) and at the moment doing a full scan every two days. So if you add few new langlink manually my bot will update it. After wikidata acceptes minwiki my bot will automatically connect minwiki pages to item.
There was one initial conflict between Masia and Masia Kuno. My bot has removed all langlinks from the second one. Perhaps you can check and solve this.
I clean up the Masia Kuno mess. Masia looks clean. Carsrac (bicara) 11 Pebruari 2013 05.21 (WIT)
You can find pages with no langlinks useing toolserver: .Adding langlink automatically only because of same title without a human check is never a good idea. Merlissimo (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 16.42 (WIT)