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Checking files[suntiang sumber]

Hi! I just visit you from Denmark!

I would like to remind about wmf:Resolution:Licensing_policy. All files must have a valid license.

Free files should also have a source and an author. I suggest

Non-free files can only be kept if they meet an Exemption Doctrine Policy (EDP). That means they have to be in use.

I suggest that local users (admins) check the files in:

  • Special:UncategorizedFiles these files most likely do not have a license.
  • Special:UnusedFiles these files are not in use. If they are non-free they should be added to an article or if they are not needed then they should be deleted.

If you have questions feel free to ask. But please "ping" me so I get a notice. --MGA73 (maota) 13 Mai 2020 22.50 (WIB)[balas]

Hi @MGA73, thanks for the notice. We'll try to review it appropriately. Muhraz (maota) 15 Mai 2020 15.59 (WIB)[balas]