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Gadget[suntiang sumber]

How about that Sir? Where is it Sir? Iwan Novirion (bicara)

Which gadgets do you want to use? --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.39 (WIT)
Like HotCat, Popup and so on. :D  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   22.59, 7 Pebruari 2013 (WIB)
Ok, I'll import some. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.54 (WIT)

Sory Sir[suntiang sumber]

If I make a mistake. I think incubator not have template that you are delete. So what can I do right now?  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   22.59, 7 Pebruari 2013 (WIB)

Please wait until the import is finished, I will then restore those which didn't exist on Incubator. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.54 (WIT)
Aye Aye Sir!  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   7 Pebruari 2013 20.57 (WIT)
The import is finished now, I have restored Templat:Pintas, Templat:Softredirect, Templat:!- and Templat:Waktuttd which did not exist on Incubator. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 22.59 (WIT)
Glad to have you here, Sir. Now I can make some editing, right?  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   7 Pebruari 2013 23.35 (WIT)
Yes indeed. Feel free to! --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 23.42 (WIT)
Anyway, if I have any question for this wiki later, can I contact your talk page on meta or incubator?  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   7 Pebruari 2013 23.51 (WIT)
Of course :) --MF-Warburg (bicara) 8 Pebruari 2013 00.11 (WIT)

About timestamp[suntiang sumber]

We here have (WIB) not (WIT) with "T". Can you fix it? Thank's in advance  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   22.59, 7 Pebruari 2013 (WIB) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.43 (WIT)

I will look into that. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.54 (WIT)
Great! Thank's a lot, Sir. Btw how about my message on meta?  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   7 Pebruari 2013 21.01 (WIT)
Answered. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 21.03 (WIT)
Thank's again, Sir!  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   7 Pebruari 2013 21.29 (WIT)

Reported in bugzilla:44758. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 8 Pebruari 2013 00.11 (WIT)

  1. Vote for the bug. :)  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan  

Re:MediaWiki[suntiang sumber]

I understand, but I can't find that word on translatenet.  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan  

I still can't find it... I think it was not this. :(  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan  
Yes, it is, it shows when using the edit view. --MF-Warburg (maota) 16 Pebruari 2013 00.44 (WIT)
So when I translate it, what about local mediawiki page? Can I delete it?  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   16 Pebruari 2013 00.52 (WIT)
Yes, but keep in mind that the translation from translatewiki will not appear here immediately. But changes are normally reflected in projects within 48 hours. --MF-Warburg (maota) 16 Pebruari 2013 01.00 (WIT)
Oh I see, so in a 48 hours ahead I will delete it.  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan  

Yes check.svg Alah It has been translated and work now. I've deleted from local.  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   21 Pebruari 2013 12.55 (WIT)

Nice to hear, thanks! --MF-Warburg (maota) 22 Pebruari 2013 17.01 (WIT)
Anyway, can you give me some advice, what to do and not to do, on this brand new wiki? Kind regards,  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   22 Pebruari 2013 17.03 (WIT)
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Generally, write articles and trying to find new contributors is a good idea ;-) --MF-Warburg (maota) 22 Pebruari 2013 18.08 (WIT)
Uhm.. how about sysop activity on the baby wiki? What advice todo & not todo for the sysop?  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   22 Pebruari 2013 18.17 (WIT)
Ok, sorry for a late answer, here are some ideas:
  • Remember to do interface translations on only, except if you want to make a customization for Wikipedia (e.g. MediaWiki:Nstab-main should be the translation of "page" as standard, but can we changed to "article on Wikipedia).
  • Remember that you are the only sysop, so don't protect pages so that only you can edit them, if it's avoidable
  • Be careful when setting up abusefilters, they might have unwanted consequences, e.g. preventing everyone to edit.
--MF-Warburg (maota) 25 Pebruari 2013 06.26 (WIT)
Can you teach me how to use abusefilters fitures? Is any manual for it? Thanks in advance.  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan   26 Pebruari 2013 10.56 (WIT)
E.g. en:Wikipedia:Edit filter/Instructions, mw:Extension:AbuseFilter/Rules format and mw:Extension:AbuseFilter/Actions. --MF-Warburg (maota) 27 Pebruari 2013 18.24 (WIT)