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Salamaik datang di Kadai Kopi!

Basamo digotong baban nan mambuek seso,
    lewaik mufakaik nan sarik jadi tarang.
Salamaik datang Sanak kasadonyo,
    di Kadai Kopi Wikipedia baso Minang.

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Iko adolah laman nan dipagunoan untuak babincang-bincang atau barunding jo batuka pikiran soal apo sajo ka sasamo pangguno Wikipedia bahaso Minang. Untuak mancaliak pabincangan ataupun parundiangan lamo nan alah disimpan, caliaklah laman arsip. Jan lupo malatakkan tando tangan pado panutuik pasan Sanak jo mangetikkan tando ampek galombang (~~~~).

Hi! Welcome to Minangkabau Wikipedia's Village Pump. You don't speak Minangkabau? You can visit our Embassy page and leave a note in it's talk page or still leave a note here and we will respond as best as we can. Thanks!

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Di siko, tampek Arsip lamo disimpan. Kumpulan arsip lamo dapek dicaliak di laman arsip. Bantulah mangarsipkan untuak bulan Pebruari 2015.

Tech News: 2015-06[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

2 Pebruari 2015 23.31 (WIB)

VisualEditor News #1—2015[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

6 Pebruari 2015 01.30 (WIB)

Tech News: 2015-07[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

9 Pebruari 2015 23.26 (WIB)

Tech News: 2015-08[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

17 Pebruari 2015 00.57 (WIB)

Content Translation available for testing in Minangkabau[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

Hello, Content Translation has now been enabled on for testing translations into Minangkabau. You can translate any article from the available source languages (see list on the selector after you log in). You will need a new account on this wiki and have to enable the Content Translation beta-feature after you log-in. We currently do not have machine translation support for Minangkabau. If no major issues are found during testing, we expect to activate Content Translation as a beta-feature in the Minangkabau Wikipedia on 26 February 2015. Please let us know your comments and feedback through the Project Talk page or Phabricator. More information on how to use Content Translation can be found on this page or you can view a short screencast. My apologies for writing in English. Please feel free to translate this message for wider distribution. Thank you.--Runab WMF (maota) 20 Pebruari 2015 15.32 (WIB)

Thank you! :) SpartacksCompatriot (maota) 20 Pebruari 2015 23.03 (WIB)
Its a pleasure to be of service. Thank you for all the feedback :)--Runab WMF (maota) 25 Pebruari 2015 18.51 (WIB)
A quick reminder that tomorrow we will complete the beta-feature deployment on Minangkabau Wikipedia. We would like to also enable the configuration which allows publishing directly into the main namespace. Please do let us know if there could be any issues that may cause disruptions. I will make another announcement when the deployment process completes. Thank you.--Runab WMF (maota) 25 Pebruari 2015 18.51 (WIB)
Great! Can't wait till tomorrow. Thank's Runab WMF.  ‹› Iwan Novirion™ Kirim Pesan  

Tech News: 2015-09[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

23 Pebruari 2015 23.28 (WIB)

Content Translation beta feature is now available[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

Hello, Content Translation has now been enabled as a beta feature on the Minangkabau Wikipedia. To start translating, enable the beta feature and go to Istimewa:ContentTranslation or to your contributions page and create a new translation by selecting the source language, the article name and target language. If the article already exists then a warning will be displayed. After you translate the article, you can publish it directly into the main namespace of the Minangkabau Wikipedia. The list of published pages can be seen on the Content Translation stats page.

Since, this is the first time we have installed the tool on this Wikipedia, there are chances that there may be some problems or service disruptions which we are not yet aware of. We will be monitoring the usage to check for any failures or issues, but please do let us know on the Content Translation talk page or through Phabricator if you spot any problems that prevent you from using the tool. For more information, please read the release announcement and our blog post. You can also view a short screencast on how to use Content Translation. My apologies for writing this announcement only in English. Please feel free to translate this message for wider distribution. Thank you!--Runab WMF (maota) 26 Pebruari 2015 23.44 (WIB)

Thank you Runab WMF. I tried this already in 1 article and I think it's ok. What's the next step so that MT could be used as a helping tool, instead of me doing the whole translation myself? Rgds, Naval Scene (maota) 27 Pebruari 2015 00.21 (WIB)

[Global proposal] (sadonyo) Manyuntiang laman[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

MediaWiki mobile

Hi, this message is to let you know that, on domains like, unregistered users cannot edit. At the Wikimedia Forum, where global configuration changes are normally discussed, a few dozens users propose to restore normal editing permissions on all mobile sites. Please read and comment!

Thanks and sorry for writing in English, Nemo 2 Maret 2015 05.33 (WIB)

Tech News: 2015-10[suntiang | suntiang sumber]

2 Maret 2015 23.41 (WIB)