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Transportasi darek lainnyo, [[kareta api]] masih digunoan untuak jalua dari Padang ka Sawahlunto, nan malalui Padang Panjang jo Solok. Pado jalua ko, kareta api anyo dipagunokan sabagai sarana pangangkuik [[batubaro]]. Sadang dari Padang manuju Pariaman, kini masih digunoan untuak angkutan panumpang.
The province is served by [[Minangkabau International Airport]], opened in July 2005, 23 km north-west of [[Padang, Indonesia|Padang]] in [[Ketaping]], [[Padang Pariaman]] regency. The airport has direct international services to [[Kuala Lumpur]] in Malaysia, as well as servicing most large cities in Indonesia.
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File:Bandar udara minangkabau.jpg|[[Palabuahan Udaro Internasional Minangkabau]]
File:Teluk Bayur Harbour1.jpg|[[Palabuahan Taluak Bayua]]
File:KA Padang Panjang (train).jpg|Kareta api di tapian [[Danau Singkarak]]
File:Fly Over Kelok Sembilan.jpg|[[Kelok 9]]
Significant roads include the [[Trans-Sumatran Highway]] which runs the length of the province, heading north-west towards [[Medan]] and south-east towards [[Jakarta]], the road between Padang and [[Bukittinggi]], and the road between Bukittinggi and [[Pekanbaru]]. The provincial government plans to upgrade the later two roads over the next few years to improve traffic flows.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=6 Infrastructure projects to boost West Sumatra's rank|last=Tularji|work=Bisnis Indonesia|date=April 25, 2005|archiveurl=|archivedate=September 29, 2007}}</ref>
In January 2012, the [[Kelok 9|Kelok Sembilan]] 970-meter long overpass was ready to be opened to the public and was in the trial stage which will be opened for vehicles in April 2012. Kelok Sembilan means 9 sharp turns is an area through which a road with tight bends passes through hilly terrain in the middle of a valley, a nice scenery, but cause congestion.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Kelok Sembilan overpass set to open in April|work=The Jakarta Post|date=January 19, 2012|archiveurl=|archivedate=May 22, 2013}}</ref> After the overpass opens, the old Kelok Sembilan road is still open together with the new Kelok Sembilan for tourists.
Regular bus services run between Padang and Bukittinggi, and the other major cities of Sumatra. Other public transport options within the province include [[train]], [[oplet]], [[taxicab|taxi]] and horse cart (''[[Translift Bendi|bendi]]'').
[[Teluk Bayur]] port in Padang is the largest and busiest on the western coast of Sumatra. It is used for exporting goods from West Sumatra as well as from some areas of the neighboring provinces.
Railway services run between Padang and Pariaman city on weekends only and make a good day trip.
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