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== Bacaan lanjuik ==
* {{cite journal | last = Carter| first = Steven|year = 1997|title =On a Bare Branch: Bashō and the Haikai Profession| journal =Journal of the American Oriental Society| volume = 117| issue = 1| pages = 57–69|doi =10.2307/605622 | jstor = 605622}}
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* Matsuo, Bashō (1966). "The narrow road to the Deep North", translated by Nobuyuki Yuasa. Harmondsworth, Penguin. ISBN 0-14-044185-9
== Pautan lua ==
* {{cite web |url= |title= Matsuo Bashō (松尾芭蕉) |publisher=Classical Japanese Database | accessdate=2008-05-12}} Various poems by Bashō, in original and translation.
* {{cite web |url= |title=Interpretations of Bashō |publisher=Haiku Poets Hut | accessdate=2008-05-12}} Comparison of translations by R. H. Blyth, Lucien Stryck and Peter Beilenson of several Bashō haiku.
* {{cite web |url= |title=Phinaes' Haikai Linked Verse Translations |year=2007 |author=Price, Sean | accessdate=2009-11-02 |archiveurl = |archivedate = 2007-12-31}} Translations of renku by Bashō and his disciples, by Sean Price.
* {{cite web |url= |title=On the Poet's Trail | author= Norman, Howard |publisher=National Geographic Magazine | month= February | year= 2008 | accessdate=2008-05-12 |authorlink= Howard Norman}} Travels along the path Matsuo Bashō followed for Oku no Hosomichi. Photography by Mike Yamashita.
* {{cite web |url= |title=On the Poet's Trail | author= Norman, Howard |publisher=National Geographic Magazine | month= February | year= 2008 | accessdate=2008-05-12}} Interactive Travelogue of Howard Norman's journey in Basho's footsteps, including a map of the route taken.
* {{cite web |url= |title=An Account of Our Master Bashō's Last Days |publisher= Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry | accessdate=2008-06-29}} A translation by Nobuyuki Yuasa of an important manuscript by Takarai Kikaku, also known as Shinshi, one of Bashō’s followers.
* {{worldcat id|id=lccn-n81-14364}}
* {{cite web |url= |title=Matsuo Bashō - Complete Haiku in Japanese |publisher=André von Kugland | accessdate=2010-01-09}}
* [ bashoDB]


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